Veterans Day Speech

We Will Not Forget – Veterans Who Gave Their Lives
November 11, 1990

This is a speech given by Phillip W. Coon, a WWII Bataan Death March Survivor and Ex-POW for three and a half years in Japan. The speech appears in his book, “A Soldier’s Silent Prayer.

“Veterans Day” – A time to honor our war dead who believe in our country, our freedom, and our way of life enough to fight bravely and even die for all we, as a nation, hold dear.

With heartfelt emotion we gratefully thank our war dead. They cannot hear us thank them for giving their lives in order that we might remain free. They cannot hear us praise their mighty deeds in battle on foreign soil. They cannot see the floral wreaths presented in their honor. They cannot see the tears shed by loved ones left behind. They cannot see each of us stand a little taller as our flag is raised and waves in the breeze. They cannot feel the pride swell within us as we sing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

But they knew in life – because they experienced it themselves – that AMERICA, and all she stands for to each AMERICAN, is worth defending, worth fighting for, worth
dying for.

They, our war dead who gave their very lives, are not truly dead. They survive as long as we take their torch of freedom, hold it high, bear it with dignity and honor, and pursue to a triumphant finish the race of freedom and peace for all
peoples everywhere.

Phillip W. Coon

You can find Phillip W. Coon’s book, “A Soldier’s Silent Prayer, on Amazon.

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