Featured Book

The Compassionate Side of Compromise by Gary Bulmer

At the age of 20, Gary Bulmer had a hemorrhagic stroke. Technically, an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that ruptured. He and his wife, Elaine, were just naive enough to listen to the professionals and follow their advice. He was told to develop a hobby…he did. All the artwork in this book was created by Gary. Additionally, he works as an advocate for the American Heart Association. In October 2019, Gary addressed Congress about stroke issues, including his story. The purpose of this book is to help those who have found themselves on a journey of brain injury recovery. By reading stories of how even the simplest of activities has been altered by this brain injury, other survivors can choose stories that may resemble an experience or emotion they are feeling. Then share that story or stories with those around them to improve conversation and to help create a balance of this new lifestyle adding some clarification and understanding. While the brain injury itself may have only happened to one, it can impact every dynamic of everyone around.

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