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Cherokee citizen and award-winning photographer Gerald Wofford shares stunning scenes from Cherokee Country and northeast Oklahoma in this 96-page, full-color photography book. With an eye for the vidid colors of the seasons, Gerald captures beautiful rivers, landscapes and cultural traditions of his heritage.

Area communities such as Peggs, Moody, Park Hill and Kenwood provide a peaceful, scenic backdrop for the photography in his book. From scenic meadows to rushing creeks to abandoned buildings, Gerald shares the beauty of these communities through “Scenes from Cherokee Country.”

Always known to have his camera with him, Gerald never misses an opportunity to capture that perfect picture, that perfect sunset, or that perfect moment in time. His love for nature is evident in his photography as he captures the vivid colors of the seasons and showcases the back roads that wind throughout northeast Oklahoma.

Hope Survives Front Cover

Hope Survives: Strength After A Traumatic Brain Injury
Megan Hurley was conducting research for her master’s degree and combing through stacks of books at a local library when she had a grand mal seizure that instantly dropped her to the marble floor, fracturing her skull. The resulting traumatic brain injury left Hurley without the ability to put thoughts and words together in a coherent manner. Relying on friends and family to help tell her story, Hurley begins her book with 10 days she can’t remember. She provides hope for those who have suffered a brain injury and increases awareness about traumatic brain injury. BUY NOW


Incredible Images
“Incredible Images” features 44-pages of full color nature photographs from ocean views, the southwest and mountain vistas. “Incredible Images” is dedicated in memory of Eric Kast, who committed his life to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis. Buy a coffee table book and help a great cause: the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. BUY NOW


Warrior Forgotten: A Native American’s Perspective of Vietnam
In Warrior Forgotten, Gene Cully recalls the extraordinary accomplishments of Golf Company, Second Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment during a September 1967 firefight in Vietnam. Corporal Cully settled down with his morning coffee and began his daily routine in Vietnam. In an instant, he found himself in the midst of one of the worst firefights near the DMZ, providing cover fire to help save wounded Marines without regard for his own safety. Cully provides a Native American’s unique perspective of Vietnam. ​BUY NOW

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A Soldier’s Silent Prayer
Phillip W. Coon’s life is an incredible journey. One that took this Muscogee (Creek) youngster from a small Indian community near Mason, Oklahoma in the 1920s to the world stage as the United States declared war against Germany and Japan in 1941. Phillip’s story is a tale of tragedy and triumph as he overcame insurmountable odds to survive the Bataan Death March and three-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war during World War II. A percentage of proceeds benefits the Phillip W. Coon Scholarship Foundation. BUY NOW

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