Oklahoma City Man Launches Book on Brain Injury

Brain Injury Survivor Gary Bulmer Achieves 40-Year Dream
Shares Stories of Hope during Brain Injury Awareness Month
“The Compassionate Side of Compromise” Helps Others
Navigate through Traumatic Brain Injury

NORMAN, Oklahoma, Feb. 9, 2021 — His book has been 40 years in the making, but an Oklahoma City man never gave up on his dream of helping others navigate the journey of traumatic brain injury.

At the age of 20, Gary Bulmer had a hemorrhagic stroke. Technically, an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that ruptured. Following two brain surgeries, multiple physicians and specialists and numerous job changes, Bulmer wanted to help others. He has addressed a U.S. Senate Sub-Committee twice in conjunction with the American Heart Association regarding brain injury and stroke bills. Gary and wife Elaine both facilitate two separate support groups in Oklahoma City and Gary is now an author.

His book is titled, “Compassionate Side of Compromise.” Bulmer hopes that others can start a dialogue of explanation, exploration or transparency of traumatic brain injury based on the stories he shares of his own recovery. The book also features Bulmer’s paintings, a hobby he developed based on his doctor’s advice.

“While the brain injury itself may have only happened to one, it can impact every dynamic of everyone around,” Bulmer said. “The purpose of this book is to help those who have found themselves on a journey of brain injury recovery. It is also intended as a discussion tool for survivors, family and friends.”

By reading stories of how even the simplest of activities has been altered by Bulmer’s brain injury, other survivors can choose from a collection of more than 100 short stories in his book that may resemble an experience or emotion they are experiencing. These stories are intended to start conversations around traumatic brain injury recovery.

With Brain Injury Awareness Month coming up in March, Bulmer hopes to continue inspiring others through his stories, letting them know they are not alone.

“All of these stories presented in my book are based on the authenticity and clarity from a lifestyle we were dealt, “Bulmer said. “My wife of 45 years, Elaine, and I lived these scenarios each and every day. These two elements are the basis for our group meetings and serve as building blocks to our new normal.”

“The Compassionate Side of Compromise,” has been published by Kast Publishing, LLC. The book is both emotional and inspirational, giving great insight into the struggles that individuals with traumatic brain injuries face. You can buy Bulmer’s book on Amazon.


One thought on “Oklahoma City Man Launches Book on Brain Injury

  1. I found out about your book today and that you are going to be at Deer Clan Books in My. I hope to come and hear you. I have had neck and brain surgery 2 times for Chiari Malformation & Syringo. Most people have not heard of it. My question is do you think that can cause a TMI. If you don’t want to give an opinion on that I respect that. I know I have nerve damage to the left side of my body from it and 24 / 7 pain on the left side of my head. serious balance issues. The symptoms to this are very much like M. S. Thank You. Gwen Wyatt


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